Instructor Spotlight: Ken Strasma

Ken Strasma is a pioneer in the field of predictive analytics in high-stakes Presidential campaigns, serving as the National Targeting Director for President Obama’s historic 2008 campaign and for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. He produced the predictive analytics models used by the campaigns, and helped popularize…


Instructor Spotlight: Joseph Hilbe

Joseph Hilbe, a prolific author in the field of statistical modeling, taught a number of courses right up until his death, in March of 2017.  Hilbe was elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association; his expertise was in statistical modeling. He did…


Instructor Spotlight: Wayne Folta

Wayne Folta is a Lead Data Scientist with Elder Research, a leading data science consulting company and the parent of  Wayne’s current ongoing project involves the extraction, analysis and redaction of text.  For example, a healthcare organization might need to release records, stripped of…

"When I started teaching mandatory biostatistics classes in 1970 at UNC, I realized early on that a lot of kids didn't want to take a course they perceived as boring, so I kept things relaxed and fun."
Instructor Spotlight: David Kleinbaum
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Prof. David Unwin

Instructor Spotlight: Prof. David Unwin

Prof. David Unwin has guided, developed and taught the spatial analysis curriculum at since 2005. David lives in central England, about an hour north of the storied Rothamsted agricultural research center. Until his retirement in 2002, he was Professor of Geography at Birkbeck College,…