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June 2: Statistics in Practice

Fear of catching Covid-19 dominates the world, so this week we briefly review how humans think about probabilities, in the context of Covid-19.  Prior beliefs figure heavily in probability calculations, so our course spotlight is on:  July 3 – 31:  Introduction to Bayesian Statistics  See you in class!  – Peter Bruce P.S.  Our new course, AnalyzingContinue reading “June 2: Statistics in Practice”

May 12: Statistics in Practice

In this Brief, we dive into the terms “sensitivity” and “specificity” and their relatives.  In our course spotlight, clinical trials is the topic.  Now there’s a site just for the 800+ clinical trials associated with Covid-19 (treatments and vaccines).  Is it time for you to start learning how clinical trials work?  Check out our course:Continue reading “May 12: Statistics in Practice”