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Introduction to R Programming

Introduction to R Programming

This course provides an easy introduction to programming in R.


This course provides an easy introduction to programming in R for those who have little or no programming experience. Topics include understanding file formats, basic R syntax, and how to use text editors to write code. You will learn to read in files, use symbols and assignments, and iterate simple loops, and the course closes with a discussion of data structures (including vectors and data frames) and subsetting.

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  • 4 Weeks
  • Expert Instructor
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Learning Outcomes

After taking this course you should be able to install and read data files in R. You will learn to perform various operations and apply common functions to manipulate and analyze data using basic R syntax.

  • Install R and RStudio
  • Write simple pseudocode and create simple flow charts
  • Document your code
  • Use file management and version control tools
  • Perform simple arithmetic and statistical operations in R
  • Read data files into R
  • Create loops for iteration (e.g. for loop)


  • Subset data vectors and lists
  • Use apply family of functions for subsetting and basic computations
  • Use simple R functions for numerical analysis
  • Use simple R functions for basic graphs
  • Get familiar with R Data Structures, especially vectors and data frames
  • Perform data manipulation on data frames
  • Perform sorting, merging of data frames

Who Should Take This Course

Those who want to start their study of programming in R, especially those with no prior programming experience.  If you do have some programming experience and want to learn R, you could consider starting directly with R Programming Introduction Part 2.

Our Instructors

Dr. Tal Galili

Dr. Tal Galili

Dr. Tal Galili has unbounded enthusiasm for teaching and sharing his expertise in R and statistics. He’s a Lecturer at Tel Aviv University in Israel, taught courses in introduction to computer science with R and various statistics courses. Tal has received multiple awards for his teaching there.  In addition to writing peer-reviewed articles, Tal is also an active blogger in the R and statistics communities. He’s the founder of R-bloggers, a meta-blog which serves over 45,000 subscribers by aggregating R related posts from over 700 blogs. He has published several R packages, and writes the blog R-statistics himself.

Course Syllabus

Week 0

  • Installing, starting and stopping R
  • file operations and file formats
  • writing code and text editors
  • basic R syntax
  • reading files
  • symbols and assignment
  • sequences
  • simple loops (iteration)
  • data structures
  • subsetting
  • assigning to subsets
  • apply Functions

Week 1

Getting Started with R

  • Basic programming principles
    • Flow charts
    • Pseudocode
  • Installing, starting and stopping R
  • File operations and file formats
  • Writing code and text editors
  • Basic R syntax
  • Reading files
  • Symbols and assignment

Week 2

Variables, Loops and Data Structures

  • Variables
  • Sequences
  • Simple loops (iteration)
  • Data structures
  • Exploring data
  • Subsetting data

Week 3

apply and other Functions

  • apply function
  • Special values
  • Packages
  • Useful functions

Week 4

Multidimensional Data

  • Overview of vectors, vector manipulation
  • Factors
  • Attributes
  • Lists, matrices, and arrays
  • Data Frames

Class Dates


01/12/2024 to 02/09/2024
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili
05/10/2024 to 06/07/2024
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili
09/13/2024 to 10/11/2024
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili


01/10/2025 to 02/07/2025
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili
05/09/2025 to 06/06/2025
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili
09/12/2025 to 10/10/2025
Instructors: Dr. Tal Galili


If you do have some programming experience and want to learn R, you could consider starting directly with R Programming – Introduction Part 2.

Karolis Urbonas
Susan Kamp
Stephen McAllister
Amir Aminimanizani
Elena Rose
Leonardo Nagata
Richard Jackson

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Introduction to R Programming

Additional Information

Course Text

The course text is Introduction to Data Technologies by Paul Murrell. It may be purchased from the publisher Chapman and Hall/CRC Press. The text is also available online here in both PDF and HTML formats.


You must have a copy of R for the course. Click Here for information on obtaining a free copy, including installation instructions.  Installation will be covered in the first week of the course, but you should try installing R before the course starts, so that any issues you encounter can be addressed early.

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Introduction to R Programming