Proctored Examinations

Students wishing to receive a grade/transcript from in certain courses will need to take a proctored final examination. The following information is designed to guide students through this process. uses designated proctors, selected by you, the student, and approved by, to supervise and administer final examinations in selected courses. Proctors enable to verify that the student who completes an assessment has followed all necessary examination guidelines and is actually the individual receiving credit for the course. The following documents will guide you through the proctoring process.

The information is structured as follows:

  1. Proctor Application Process
  2. Examination Process
  3. Proctor Criteria
  4. Proctor Guidelines
  5. Proctor Application
  6. Student/Proctor Verification Form
Note: This proctoring process was adapted by, with permission, from Pace University.

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