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Jan 20: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

This week’s Brief takes a look at ethical dilemmas in data science.  Our course spotlight is on 

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Peter Bruce,
Founder and President

The Institute for Statistics Education at

Ethical Dilemmas in Data Science

Know those ads that follow you around the web, as a result of tracking cookies?  Many see them as an invasion of privacy, and European Union (EU) rules made them subject to user consent.  Google recently announced that Chrome will eventually stop supporting these cookies.  A win for the consumer?  Perhaps, but […]

Word of the Week

Kernel Function

In a standard linear regression, a model is fit to a set of data (the training data); the same linear model applies to all the data. In local regression methods, multiple models are fit to different neighborhoods of the data. A kernel function is used […]

Course Spotlight

Feb 21 – Mar 20: Introduction to Network Analysis

In this course you will learn how to

  • Visualize networks of connections among entities or people
  • Measure attributes of networks, users and ties among them
  • Sample from networks that would be too large for analysis taken as a whole
  • Analyze propagation of things through networks

Your instructor is Dr. Jen Golbeck, University of Maryland professor, radio host, Ted Talker, and author of Analyzing the Social Web.

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