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June 2: From Data Science to Data Engineering


Statistics and Data Science Today

This week we look at the increasingly important role of data engineers. Our spotlight is on our Programming for Data Science certificate program -you can start in July with

July 9 -Aug 6: SQL – Introduction to Database Queries

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Peter Bruce
Founder of The Institute for Statistics Education at


News You Need to Know

What’s happening in the field of Data Science, Analytics, Statistics?

Controlling Leaks

Data Engineering Overtaking Data Science?

As machine learning becomes ubiquitous and mainstream, predictive models become cogs in the machine, and pipeline implementation skills become more and more important. According to a study cited by Nicholas Leong in Towards Data Science,

“Data Science interviews grew by 10% compared to Data Engineering interviews, which grew by 40% in 2020.” Read more in Colin Thomas’s The Three P’s of Data Engineering.

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WORDS OF THE WEEK – Inference and Confidence

A couple of weeks ago we looked at the different meanings that the term bias can have in statistics and machine learning. In the same spirit of highlighting terms that have different and sometimes confusing meanings in the different subfields of data science, this week we look at two more terms:



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Our spotlight this week is on our Programming in Data Science certificate program. It comes in two flavors: One featuring R and the other Python. You can enter the program every two months, the next opportunity is July. Don’t know any programming? Start with:

Programming for Data Science Certificate: R for Novice Programmers

Programming for Data Science Certificate: Python for Novice Programmers

Already know some programming? We have versions of these certificates for more experienced programmers, plus there is some flexibility in the course program. In any case, you can start with:

July 9 – August 6: SQL -Introduction to Database Queries

See you in class!