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Course Spotlight: Spatial Statistics Using R

Have you ever needed to analyze data with a spatial component? Geographic clusters of disease, crimes, animals, plants, events?Or describing the spatial variation of something, and perhaps correlating it with some other predictor? Assessing whether the geographic distribution of something departs from randomness?

Location data is ubiquitous, as are maps drawn by GIS software. Skilled statistical analysis of spatial data is less widespread – statisticians tend not to be familiar with GIS systems, or with the nature of GIS data. GIS analysts’ expertise is typically focused on drawing maps. As a statistician, or as a GIS analyst, you can bridge the two worlds with Dave Unwin (author of Geographic Information Analysis and other books) in his online course here at the Institute:

Spatial Statistics with Geographic Information Systems – Using R

The course takes place online at in a series of weekly lesson and assignments and requires about 15 hours/week. Participate at your own convenience; there are no set times when you are required to be online.