Predictive Analytics 1

The dimension reduction and classification techniques taught in this program are helping me enormously in my work at the Bank. 

Deep Learning

The two instructors are to be congratulated in putting together a jewel of a short course, one of my very favorite among the many I have taken at  The discussion with such experts was particularly valuable and greatly enhanced the value of the course.…

Anomaly Detection (3)

As always it was a pleasure taking a course from Professor Indurkhya. This course was a model of what courses can be.

Anomaly Detection (1)

The subject of identifying anomalies is a central task of academic historians, and this course allowed me the welcome luxury to reflect on their nature and methods of discovery.

Anomaly Detection (2)

Using information gleaned from the course concerning a not-well-known distance measure (Gower dissimilarity) useful for cluster models that combine data from mixed variables, including nominal, ordinal, and numeric variables, I was able to refine a model I was working on for an academic conference paper.…

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