Stats 1-3 Fullerton

The [Introductory Statistics courses were] very well explained and there were always examples to find that helped me think things through.

Spatial Statistics for GIS Using R (2)

The Instructor, Dave Unwin, was great.  I have to admit that I had my reservations about taking an online course, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Dave obviously put a lot of thought and effort into creating the materials for the course as well as structuring the…

Statistics 2 – Inference and Association (1)

Over the last two summers, I've taken the two stats courses meant to prepare future AP Stats teachers. Those courses were invaluable to me and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle a difficult subject.

Statistics 2 – Inference and Association (2)

I think the resampling approaches are refreshing and insightful. And the textbooks are marvelous in their clarity of expression and real world examples. I have told many of my colleagues about this wonderful and refreshing online medium for learning about statistics.

Statistics 2 – Inference and Association (3)

I really like the courses. Just before I signed up for the first course, I had tried to work my way through a couple of different textbooks, and just could not get anything out of them. With this class the clear discussion text, relevant…

Statistics 3 – NOVA and Regression (3)

Excellent team. Once again, I'm impressed with the level of interaction that is made almost daily from the instructors and support team. Thank you for all your help.

Statistics 3 – NOVA and Regression (1)

The tools and skills I have developed through taking Statistics 1, 2, and 3 have been directly applied to my job as an analyst providing training assessments to the United States Navy. I don't believe that I have ever taken a program that more directly…

Statistics 3 – NOVA and Regression (2)

I understand now what ANOVA is and it seems this is something I can definitely use from time to time for my job tasks.  That's the best to finish a course with the feeling of understanding and getting better in something.  Great course!

Survival Analysis

The course has helped me understand how survival curves and hazard ratios are obtained.

Spatial Statistics for GIS Using R (1)

This was a great class. I learned a lot and enjoyed the format. The lessons, assignments, feedback, and discussions were all informative.  I appreciate Professor Unwin's efforts to include references to web sites, journal articles, and books that will be very useful in the future.…

Generic Testimonial 51

All of the courses I have taken at The Institute have been excellent in providing understanding of statistical concepts by focusing on the logic and theory behind the equations and formulas, which has allowed me to maximize my learning experience

Generic Testimonial 33

The interaction with the lecturer was good, the book is great, the online book material on software is extremely helpful and the lecturer put a lot of effort into a synthesis of the books contents every week. This was by far the best course I…

Generic Testimonial 52

The professors provide feedback and suggestions to help understand the concepts very well. I am looking forward to many other courses along the way.

Generic Testimonial 34

The course materials are pedagogically well designed. Course administration was efficient. Overall, a pleasant learning experience which is at least as good as any face-to-face course I've attended.

Rasch Measurement – Core Topics (4)

I look forward to taking another course on - a great way to continue learning in a structured manner, but flexible enough to participate while Life continues.

Generic Testimonial 37

I loved the new option to send assignments to the teaching assistant for suggestions before submitting the work to be marked. Poonam was very helpful and provided the right amount of guidance without giving away the right answer. Excellent course!

Rasch Measurement – Core Topics (2)

This has given me a great overview of Rasch and introduced me to Winsteps which I will use instead of Quest in the future.  Thanks, the course was very useful and was very clear and well explained, especially for a beginner like me!

Generic Testimonial 38

I found this a very good grounding on theory, but also there were good discussions about practical issues. The introduction to the various software packages was also very helpful.

Rasch Measurement – Core Topics (3)

This course has helped me to gain a practical insight into basic/intro test construction and measurement. The course has fueled my desire to increase my understanding of measurement, specifically Rasch and IRT techniques and theories.

Generic Testimonial 40

I realized that I deal with statistics every day. We covered issues that pertain to real life and I now feel I have knowledge about important issues I was previously unaware about.

Generic Testimonial 41

I have never had an online class before, and I have typically heard bad things about them, so I was shocked when I found out just how easy this course was to manuever. I really liked the format - it allowed me to work at…

Rasch Measurement – Further Topics (1)

The examples used in the class lessons were very helpful and presented real survey problems and their solution for some commonly encountered survey situations

Generic Testimonial 42

I am very thankful to the course and assistant teachers. The course was well worth its effort and tuition.

Rasch Measurement – Many Facet

Excellent course! Dr. Smith is very dedicated, always available to answer questions, and makes this online course feel almost face-to-face

Generic Testimonial 43

I now have a better understanding of the foundations of the statistics. Although I was familiar with the terms, I feel more comfortable with discussing the topic. I think the accompanying course text and the support online has been great. I found the course text…

Regression Analysis (4)

I fully enjoyed the challenge of working through the assignments and reading Dr. Pardoe's book. I gained some new insights into regression analysis. In other words, my horizons were expanded and I learned a great deal.

Generic Testimonial 44

I often have to do statistical analysis of the data we collect. Due to my lack of understanding of various statistical procedures, I have always had to depend upon others to tell me which analyses to do and how to interpret those outcomes. I now…

Generic Testimonial 45

Taking as many courses through is one of my learning goals; I have told many of my colleagues about this online medium for learning statistics.

Regression Analysis (5)

I was really impressed with how the homework assignments helped me learn the material.  In many stats classes I've taken other places, homework assignments can seem punitive for those who don't understand the material, but this homework seemed to further enhance my learning experience. I…

R Programming for Statistical Analysis (1)

This course will definitely be used for my work. This course should be called Intro to R for Busy People.   I'm really glad I took this course and will recommend it to others.

Generic Testimonial 46

There are many things I like about your courses. You include variety, such as the videos, the homework, the quizzes, the textbook, and the discussion board. You have well-thought out curriculum that shows a respect for good pedagogy. Your instructors are amazing! They are brilliant, and they respond…

Sample Size and Power Determination (2)

The course helps me understand different approaches (pros and cons of each approach) in sample size estimates and provides hands-on experience in using various softwares. I highly recommend this course to folks involved in clinical study design

R Programming for Statistical Analysis (4)

I am now confident that I can use R and continue learning on my own.  The course also helped me to explore other resources within the R community online.  I'm looking forward to using R in data analysis for my masters thesis and beyond.

Generic Testimonial 47

Overall, the instructor and the assistant instructors were responsive and helpful. The homework grading was done in a timely way and the model answers were helpful.  All in all, I learned a lot and am eager to practically apply these strategies.

Sample Size and Power Determination (1)

My statistical knowledge and base continues to increase significantlynow with each additional course taken. While I may not be usingall the learnings directly in my day-to-day work (for example, regressionmodeling or calculating sample sizes), they are all influencing how I thinkabout, approach, and work…

Generic Testimonial 1

I felt this class did a good job of reinforcing concepts and their application, and not getting caught up in the algorithms. The TA feedback was invaluable to me. Thank you!

Generic Testimonial 48

The feedback from assistant teachers was very helpful, and while I was mostly on target, it helped me see where I needed more help.

Sample Size and Power Determination (5)

Even though I used to perform sample size calculations before - I was always skeptical of my work and was never confident if I was using the right methodologies.This course has helped me understand when to apply which technique and I can calculate sample sizes…

Generic Testimonial 5

I was very anxious about taking this course. The first week was intimidating, but the readings and supplements are amazing. I am walking away really feeling like I have an introductory knowledge of statistics. I appreciated the feedback on assignments. It encouraged me to keep…

Generic Testimonial 49

The material covered here will be indispensable in my work. I can't wait to take other courses. Great work!

Spatial Statistics for GIS Using R (3)

This was the first class I've taken in a long time, the first online course I've ever taken, and my first course.  I found it very easy to navigate and was pleasantly surprised at how involved the instructor was in the online discussion.  Great…

Generic Testimonial 7

Thank you for helping me increase my knowledge in the fields of statistics, and consequently provide them the adequate tools for better performance and sound achievements in their jobs and research.

Generic Testimonial 50

I learned more in the past 6 weeks than I did taking a full semester of statistics in college, and 10 weeks of statistics in graduate school. Seriously.

Introduction to Bayesian Computing and Techniques

I would contend that this Bayesian Computing class (and other classes I've taken) has extremely good value. I have gotten so much education for relatively little expense. the assistant teacher's feedback was extremely helpful.

Meta Analysis 1 (3)

I really enjoyed this course. Great recorded lectures and materials. Questions on the discussion forums were very, very good

Meta Analysis 1 (1)

This is an excellent course with a lot covered beyond expectation. The teacher assistant was very responsive to queries and comments

Biostatistics 2 – For Medical Science and Public Health (1)

The theory was clear and well explained; which allowed me to tackle very unfamiliar concepts with relative ease. I feel I now have a really firm foundation on which to build and have been encouraged by this course to keep learning and working towards going…

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (2)

I learned a great deal from this course. I thought that the instructor, Dr. Congdon, prepared excellent lessons for the course.  Dr. Congdon's responses to the questions on the discussion board were clear and very helpful. The TA for this course was also excellent.

Meta Analysis 1 (2)

The instructor was nice and answered the questions on the discussion board clearly. The teacher assistant was really helpful when I worked on the assignments. I appreciate it and thank you very much!

Meta Analysis 1 (5)

Dr. Rothstein is an excellent instructor. I have taught blended classes and know that instructor responses are crucial to the quality of discussion threads. Dr. Rothstein's responses are excellent: informative and kind!

Bootstrap Methods

I learned that there are several ways to use bootstrap. The course is an excellent starting point for anyone working with this methodology. I intend to use bootstrap in spatial analysis.

Introduction to Resampling Methods (3)

I found the course to be a valuable introduction to resampling and bootstrapping methods. I am recommending this course to colleagues. Thanks for an engaging and informative course.

Meta Analysis 2 (2)

I will be using the methodology of meta-analysis for my dissertation which is on effective schools. This will help me in my work as I am a principal of an elementary school and want to know which strategies have the greatest impact on student achievement

Categorical Data Analysis (2)

Brian Marx is the best teacher I have had. The homework was straight forward and Brian responded to questions on the discussion board in a timely fashion.

Meta Analysis 2 (1)

More and more medical students are submitting systematic reviews and associated meta-analyses, to meet research exposure requirements, in the Basic Sciences Programs of their medical school education, here in the Caribbean. The course provided me with a unique and much appreciated opportunity to learn much more about…

Categorical Data Analysis (1)

This is my fourth course that I have taken at and I am very satisfied with the level and quality of instruction. I will continue to look for: courses that I can take whenever possible.

Introduction to Resampling Methods (2)

In conjunction with the powerful 'Resampling add-in for Excel' software, resampling methodology seems to be a novel and versatile tool that I expect to frequently use as an adjunct to the more formal established methods of data analysis.

Mixed and Hierarchical Linear Models (3)

I certainly feel that I got my money's worth from this course and this was almost entirely due to the prompt, thoughtful and expert comments of Brady and Andrzej.

Introduction to Statistics for College Credit (4)

I very much enjoyed the Stats 1 and 2 classes, and I think your book and approach really are excellent.  I have taken a variety of stats-type classes, including calculus-based probability, but the re-sampling gave me a much more intuitive understanding than any other approach.

Mixed and Hierarchical Linear Models (1)

The course will provide a solid background/springboard to my research in Longitudinal Data Analysis.  Questions which required participants to replicate examples in text consolidate learning very much! Instructors were on hand to answer every question that came their way.

Cluster Analysis (1)

I was quite surprised and impressed with the depth of theory development in this area, plus the software options to allow optimum exploration of the data. Thanks for a most interesting course.

Introduction to Statistics for College Credit (1)

I have to say that I learned more about statistics in one month with than I learned in a full quarter of engineering statistics as an undergrad 20 years ago. The concept makes all the difference in the world. I now more fully understand…

Mixed and Hierarchical Linear Models (2)

I work on projects with multilevel data and this course solidified my understanding of mixed modeling statistical concepts and available analysis packages. I am very happy with this course. The instructors and TA were very responsive and explained the material very clearly. I appreciated having…

Cluster Analysis (2)

Professor Babinec did a wonderful job of leading us through this material.  It is obvious that he has a passion for this subject.  His breadth of knowledge of and experience with cluster analysis added significantly to the course.  He gave very helpful answers in the…

Introduction to Statistics for College Credit (3)

I have never had an online class before, and I have typically heard bad things about them, so I was shocked when I found out just how easy this course was to manuever. I really liked the format - it allowed me to work at…

Modeling Count Data

The instructor is fantastic and it was a pleasure to interact with him throughout the duration of the course.

Designing Valid Statistical Studies (2)

Very good instructor! He interacted meaningfully with students throughout the week. Was open to all questions and displayed expertise of material. Iterative grading was helpful.

Modeling in R (3)

I need all the modeling practice I can get in R. I thought this class was very helpful to that end and I plan to take additional courses as a result

Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials

After this course, I have a high level understanding of the various advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used adaptive designs. I will use this information to propose Adaptive Designs at my workplace.

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) (1)

I am only beginning to use SEM. Without the course I would have lacked the understanding and confidence to try and use SEM. I now feel confident that I could apply one of the models and use the results for work purposes and publication.

Modeling in R (1)

This course will greatly contribute to my work as an environmental data scientist and division director.  This course was a great introduction of how to use R to fit the models and how to interpret the R output!

Designing Valid Statistical Studies (3)

This course fundamentally deepened my understanding of statistics and studies. I will certainly apply the knowledge gained as often as possible.  Absolutely vital course for understanding basic epidemiology, studies and statistics. I would recommend that everyone get a copy of the textbook before class though. It complements the…

Logistic Regression

I found it challenging but also a rewarding experience. After completing this course I am now more confident about undertaking statistical analysis.

Modeling in R (2)

I highly recommend this course for anyone new to R but planning to take GLM, Logistic regression etc as it gives such a great foundation. I am an actuary and all the concepts dealt with in this course are highly applicable to everyday modelling work

Advanced Structural Equation Modeling (2)

I came into this course knowing the basics of what Structural Equation Modeling could do. I am leaving this course with a whole new understanding of the ways it can be used to answer many different types of research questions. From psychometrics to multi-level modeling,…

Epidemiologic Statistics (1)

Since I started the Epidemiology Statistics class, I've had a much better understanding of the other staffs' concerns.

Matrix Algebra (2)

This is a very well prepared course. The instructor not only pointed out the right book for statisticians but also provided very useful lecture notes that helped a lot

Epidemiologic Statistics (2)

A very nice introduction to the subject. As someone without any real background in epidemiology, now moving into an area where I need it, this course was very helpful indeed.

Matrix Algebra (1)

The instructor, Dr. LaBudde was highly effective.  His written lectures contributed greatly to my understanding and his patient and lengthy answers to my at times overly general questions were extremely informative.  It would be hard or impossible to get this information on my own

Bayesian Regression Modeling via MCMC Techniques (2)

This course is well designed and the course materials are simply awesome! The instructor is very knowledgeable in the field and has tons of examples from their website, which is a huge benefit. The focus on programming and practical tips, as opposed to theoretical details, is…

Generalized Linear Models

It helped me immediately with my job. I was able to understand and apply the concepts to a time-series analysis. The R package I was using (vars) required that I read the documentation, which used much of the terminology and concepts in this class. I…

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

I need to know R to perform my job as I am a product manager for a software company that interacts with R.  I am now able to understand R scripts and hopefully contribute some of my own. The instructor's videos were great. Just hearing his voice…

Course Was Well Designed and Instructed

This course is well designed and the course materials are simply awesome! The instructor is very knowledgeable in the field and has tons of examples with codes from his website, which is a huge benefit. The focus on programming and practical tips, as opposed to theoretical…

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