ROC, Lift and Gains Curves

There are various metrics for assessing the performance of a classification model.  It matters which one you use. The simplest is accuracy - the proportion of cases correctly classified.  In classification tasks where the outcome of interest (“1”) is rare, though, accuracy as a metric…

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Feb 10: Statistics in Practice

Tomorrow is the New Hampshire political primary in the US, and this week’s Brief looks at the statistical concept of lift.  Our spotlight is on: Feb 28 - Mar 27:   Persuasion Analytics and Targeting See you in class! - Peter Bruce, Founder Lift and…

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Lift and Persuasion

Predicting the probability that something or someone will belong to a certain category (classification problems) is perhaps the oldest type of problem in analytics.  Consider the category “repays loan.” Equifax, the oldest of the agencies that provides credit scores, was founded in 1899 as the…

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