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Aug 25: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

Vaccines for Covid are in the news, and this week we focus on the clinical trial process that validates vaccines as safe and effective.  Our spotlight is on our 10-course Biostatistics Certificate Program.

You can get started with

Need to brush up on your stats?  Enrollees in the certificate program can take our introductory statistics course, offered monthly, at no charge. 

See you in class! 

Peter Bruce

Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist

Clinical Trial Process

Vaccine Validation – Safe & Effective?

On August 17, the NY Times Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker reported that, back in June, “the FDA said that a coronavirus vaccine would have to protect at least 50% of vaccinated people to be considered effective.” But 50% of vaccinated people would probably not get the virus in the first place: are they “protected?” What the Times really meant to say was […]

Of Note

An outlier that lies in the middle of the data

An outlier or anomaly is typically defined as a case that is markedly distant or different from the bulk of the data. The Bernie Madoff case provides an example of an anomaly that lies right in the middle of the pack […]

Course Spotlight

Biostatistics for College Credit
(need to take both Biostats 1 & 2)

Jan 3-31: Biostatistics 1- For Medical Science and Public Health

Feb 5 – Mar 5: Biostatistics 2 – For Medical Science and Public Health

Your instructor is Dr. Abhaya Indrayan, author of Medical Biostatistics (3rd ed., CRC Press). Prof. Indrayan will answer your questions and comments on a regular basis throughout the course on a private discussion forum. A variety of software is supported by the teaching assistants in the course.

Certificate Spotlight

Biostatistics Certificate Program

This intensive, part-time online program, the approximate equivalent of 30 credits in the U.S. academic system, will teach you:

  • How to calculate and analyze the metrics used in medical statistics
  • How to fit and interpret linear and logistic regression models
  • How to calculate the sample size needed in a study
  • How to model survival data (time to event)

You have a number of options for electives; many students choose to focus on

  • Clinical trials, or
  • Epidemiological studies

Get started with:

  • Jan 3 – 31 Biostatistics 1 (see above)

Need to brush up on your stats? Enrollees in the certificate program can take our intro stats course, offered monthly, at no charge. We offer rolling admissions year-round so you can start right away.

See you in class!

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