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Certificate Graduate: Karolis Urbonas, Amazon

The courses have helped me a lot, pushing me to the limit and making me learn much more than I expected I could. The knowledge I gained I could immediately leverage in my job … then eventually led to landing a job in my dream company – Amazon. -Karolis Urbanas, Global Head of MachineContinue reading “Certificate Graduate: Karolis Urbonas, Amazon”

Be Smarter Than Your Devices: Learn About Big Data

When Apple CEO Tim Cook finally unveiled his company’s new Apple Watch in a widely-publicized rollout earlier this month, most of the press coverage centered on its cost ($349 to start) and whether it would be as popular among consumers as the iPod or iMac. Nitin Indurkhya saw things differently. “I think the most significantContinue reading “Be Smarter Than Your Devices: Learn About Big Data”