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Certificate Graduate: Karolis Urbonas, Amazon

The courses have helped me a lot, pushing me to the limit and making me learn much more than I expected I could. The knowledge I gained I could immediately leverage in my job … then eventually led to landing a job in my dream company – Amazon. -Karolis Urbanas, Global Head of MachineContinue reading “Certificate Graduate: Karolis Urbonas, Amazon”

Certificate Graduate: Cristobal Bazan, United Nations Agency

Certificate Student Profile of Cristobal Bazan My courses help me look at more complex problems using different approaches to show more interesting aspects of conditions, beyond just tables and charts, more than just sampling or descriptive statistics. Cristobal Bazan United Nations Agency How do you use statistics in your job? I work in a statisticalContinue reading “Certificate Graduate: Cristobal Bazan, United Nations Agency”