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Certificate Graduate: Cristobal Bazan, United Nations Agency

Certificate Student Profile of Cristobal Bazan My courses help me look at more complex problems using different approaches to show more interesting aspects of conditions, beyond just tables and charts, more than just sampling or descriptive statistics. Cristobal Bazan United Nations Agency How do you use statistics in your job? I work in a statisticalContinue reading “Certificate Graduate: Cristobal Bazan, United Nations Agency”

Industry Spotlight: Credit Scoring

In the U.S., credit scoring is dominated by three companies – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, employing roughly 30,000 people. An important player in the scoring methodology is FICO, previously Fair Isaac Corporation, and the scores are typically called “FICO scores.” Credit scoring is the oldest application of predictive modeling, fulfilling a need that has beenContinue reading “Industry Spotlight: Credit Scoring”

Course Spotlight: Predictive Analytics

Predicting whether an internet user will click on a link or buy a product, whether an insurance claim is fraudulent, whether a home mortgage will be paid on time (or early), how much a house will sell for, what internet ad you should see next, whether a discharged patient will need to return to theContinue reading “Course Spotlight: Predictive Analytics”