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Course Spotlight: Predictive Analytics

Predicting whether an internet user will click on a link or buy a product, whether an insurance claim is fraudulent, whether a home mortgage will be paid on time (or early), how much a house will sell for, what internet ad you should see next, whether a discharged patient will need to return to the hospital – these are capabilities we expect companies will have. They are the foundation for artificial intelligence; and you can get your introduction in.

May 25 – Jun 22: Predictive Analytics 1

Predictive Analytics 1 is the keystone of the data science certificate programs here at the Institute. It is offered in three sections:

  1. Predictive Analytics 1 using Python(NEW!)
  2. Predictive Analytics 1 using R
  3. Predictive Analytics 1 using XLMiner, a powerful data mining Excel add-in

This course has been taught at since 2003, before there were any graduate programs in analytics at universities. It is a core requirement in both the Analytics for Data Science certificate program (most students there use the Excel or R sections), and in the Programming for Data Science certificate program (you’ll want to use Python or R).