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Dec 6: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in PracticeThis week we look at the casino business – in particular, the odds on slots. In our course spotlight, we start looking at some of the great stuff starting in at the beginning of the new year.

In January, you can get started with basic statistics or biostatistics, start our certificate program or degree programs in analytics, get introduced to R programming or Python programming, or start a Bayesian statistics or operations research mastery.

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Peter Bruce,
Chief Academic Officer, Author, Instructor, and Founder

The Institute for Statistics Education at


Detecting a Slots Payout Difference of 2%

Playing slot machines, gamblers can typically expect to win back 85% – 95% of their money. How long would a person have to play to distinguish between a 93% return and a 95% return? […]

Of Note

Google Zooms Out on Microtargeting

Google recently announced that it would further limit its election ads to

  • audience targeting based on age, gender, and general location (postal code level)
  • context targeting (i.e. showing ads based on the content being viewed)

Up to this point, the application of predictive modeling to “microtarget” individuals or small groups of individuals, well-entrenched in the digital marketing sphere, had […]

Book Review

Big Data in Practice, by Bernard Marr

This short book is essentially an enriched list of 45 examples of how companies have used big data analytics. Marr sticks to high level generalities, and the book is in the spirit […]

Problem of the Week

Gambling Puzzle

 QUESTION: A gambler playing against the “house” in a game like roulette or slots adopts the rule “Play until you win a certain amount, then stop.”  Will this ensure against player losses? What will be its effect on the house’s profit?


Course Spotlight


From novice to expert, make January 2020 your starting point for boosting your statistical skills:


MASTERIES (3 courses)



1 Take courses and transfer credit to Thomas Edison State University (TESU) via ACE Credit
2 In partnership with TESU, apply directly to TESU

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Digital badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you have learned and the skills required to earn your credential. Each badge’s digital image holds verified metadata describing your qualifications and the mastery required to earn them. […]

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