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Feb 17: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

Last week we looked at several metrics for assessing the performance of classification models – accuracy, receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curves, and lift (gains).  In this week’s Brief we move beyond lift and cover uplift.

Our course spotlight again is:

See you in class!

Peter Bruce

Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist

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UpLift and Persuasion

Marketers have long known that different messages to different people work better than one-size-fits-all.  The statistical models that guide differentiated messages are termed […]

Word of the Week

Predictor P-Values in Predictive Modeling – Not So Useful

Predictor p-values in linear models are a guide to the statistical significance of a predictor coefficient value – they measure the probability that a randomly shuffled model could have produced a coefficient as great as the fitted value.  They are of limited utility […]

Case Study

Second Opinions

Should employers or insurers require second opinions as a way to reduce disability costs?  Read this Elder Research case study of how multiple analytic techniques were brought to bear on this problem. 

Course Spotlight

Feb 28 – Mar 27:   Persuasion Analytics and Targeting  

Your instructor is Ken Strasma, director of targeting for the Kerry and Obama presidential campaigns, and co-founder and CEO of HaystaqDNA, a firm that provides predictive analytics and strategic consulting services for corporations, non-profits and membership organizations.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Find voter/customer targets that are appropriate to a campaign phase
  • Design a survey instrument for use in a predictive model
  • Conduct an A-B test
  • Implement predictive models with voter data
  • Add uplift modeling to predict whether a person responds better with a “treatment”

See you in class!

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