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Sept 10: Statistics in Practice

This week we look at the second most popular percentage in statistics: 80%. Our course spotlight is on:

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Peter Bruce

Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist

The Popular 80%

Researchers and analysts are familiar with the famous 5% benchmark in statistics, the typical probability threshold at which a result becomes statistically significant. This week we look at some interesting 80% rules […]

Word of the Week

Type III Error

Type I and Type II errors in statistical analysis are specific and somewhat technical in nature. Type III error has various definitions, but all relate in some way to […]

Course Spotlight

Oct 30 – Nov 27:  Sample Size and Power Determination 

You can find sample size calculators on the web, but they can lead you astray if you don’t know what you’re doing. Better find out the sample size you need before you do your study!

In this course, you will use your choice of specialized software such as R, Power and Precision, Nquery, plus others, and will learn how to:

  • Specify the factors that interact to determine sample size
  • Estimate unknowns needed to calculate sample size
  • Deal with paired data
  • Find sample size for a regression analysis
  • Use software to calculate sample size needed for tests of means, proportions

This course is a required course in the Biostatistics Certificate Program.

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Certificate Spotlight

Biostatistics Certificate Program

This online certificate program in biostatistics and epidemiology provides the skills needed to gather, analyze, and assess data for activities like clinical trials, medical research, and public health studies. This 10-course program – including seven required courses and three electives – covers the critical, statistical concepts used in medical and health sciences.

The core curriculum includes instruction at the graduate level, and is taught by leading experts in biostatistics and epidemiology. The certificate program includes a deep dive into biostatistics for medical science and public health, and mixes theory and practical application so you can apply your skills immediately at your current job or leverage them as you seek a new one.  

You can choose your electives so as to focus on either epidemiology or randomized controlled trials.

Need to brush up on your stats? Enrollees in the certificate program can take our intro stats course, offered monthly, at no charge. We offer rolling admissions year-round so you can start right away.

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Digital Badges

Digital badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you have learned and the skills required to earn your credential. Each badge’s digital image holds verified metadata describing your qualifications and the mastery required to earn them.

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