A tensor is the multidimensional extension of a matrix (i.e. scalar > vector > matrix > tensor). 

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Problem of the Week: Missing Data

Question: You have a supervised learning task with 30 predictors, in which 5% of the observations are missing.  The missing data are randomly distributed across variables and records. If your strategy for coping with missing data is to drop records with missing data, what proportion…

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Student Spotlight: Barry Eggleston

Barry Eggleston is a health research statistician who has worked on both clinical trials and observational studies, and is currently with RTI in North Carolina. In his early career, his work was solely designing and analyzing clinical trials using typical biostatistics methods ranging from t-test…

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A Deep Dive into Deep Learning

On Wednesday, March 27, the 2018 Turing Award in computing was given to Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun for their work on deep learning. Deep learning by complex neural networks lies behind the applications that are finally bringing artificial intelligence out of the…

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