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Aug 13: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

This week we discuss the distinction between explanatory and predictive modeling and spotlight the workhorses of statistical modeling:

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Peter Bruce,
Chief Academic Officer, Author, Instructor, and Founder

The Institute for Statistics Education at

Explain or Predict?

Are you flummoxed by the profusion of assessment metrics for statistical models like linear regression? Typical multiple linear regression output will contain, in addition to a distribution of errors (residuals) and RMSE (root mean squared error), such values as R-squared, adjusted R-squared, t-statistics, F-statistics, P-values, degrees of freedom, plus more. How do you make sense of them all? […]

Problem of the Week

The Second Heads

A friend tosses two coins, and you ask “Is one of them a heads?” The friend replies “Yes.” What is the probability that the other is a heads? […]

Course Spotlight

These two courses cover the workhorses of statistical modeling, multiple linear regression and logistic regression.

Oct 4 – Nov 1: Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis is taught by Iain Pardoe, the author of Applied Regression Modeling, the popular text that is used in the course.

In Regression Analysis, you will learn how to

  • Calculate a simple linear regression model, assess its performance and check assumptions
  • Extend the model to multiple linear regression
  • Transform predictors and response variables to improve model fit
  • Deal with qualitative predictors, interactions and influential points

Oct 4 – Nov 1: Categorical Data Analysis

Categorical Data Analysis is taught by Brian Marx, Professor of Statistics at Louisiana State University, coordinating editor of Statistical Modelling: An International Journal, and co-author or co-editor of several books on statistical modeling.

In Categorical Data Analysis you will learn how to

  • Work with RxC tables and test for independence, and equality of proportions
  • Fit logistic models for binary data
  • Fit Poisson models for count data

See you in class!

Regression Analysis

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