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June 2: Statistics in Practice

Fear of catching Covid-19 dominates the world, so this week we briefly review how humans think about probabilities, in the context of Covid-19.  Prior beliefs figure heavily in probability calculations, so our course spotlight is on:  July 3 – 31:  Introduction to Bayesian Statistics  See you in class!  – Peter Bruce P.S.  Our new course, AnalyzingContinue reading “June 2: Statistics in Practice”

May 12: Statistics in Practice

In this Brief, we dive into the terms “sensitivity” and “specificity” and their relatives.  In our course spotlight, clinical trials is the topic.  Now there’s a site just for the 800+ clinical trials associated with Covid-19 (treatments and vaccines).  Is it time for you to start learning how clinical trials work?  Check out our course:Continue reading “May 12: Statistics in Practice”

Apr 2: Statistics in Practice – Special Epi Course

In this special Brief we step back and look at various estimates of the projected death toll from the coronavirus.   Would you like to learn more about the statistical analysis of disease?  We’re offering a special self-paced course to those seeking to improve their knowledge of epidemiology: April 10 – June 10:  Epidemiologic Statistics (self-paced)Continue reading “Apr 2: Statistics in Practice – Special Epi Course”

Mar 24: Statistics in Practice

In this week’s Brief, we look again at the statistics of Coronavirus.  We also spotlight our Health Analytics Mastery – a 3-course series in which you can choose from among Biostatistics 1 and 2 Designing Valid Statistical Studies Epidemiologic Statistics * Introduction to Statistical Issues in Clinical Trials You can start July 1 with BiostatisticsContinue reading “Mar 24: Statistics in Practice”