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Aug 4: Statistics in Practice

Statistics in Practice

In this week’s brief, we feature a data-detective story: The Case of the Faulty Generator.  Our spotlight is on our Analytics for Data Science certificate program*.

See you in class!

*Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics concurrently at Thomas Edison State University.

Peter Bruce

Founder, Author, and Senior Scientist

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Sira-Kvina Hydro Power – The Case of the Faulty Generator

In early 2020, a major power generator at Sira-Kvina Kraftselskap, a large producer of hydroelectric power in Norway, malfunctioned.  The company went through prescribed diagnostics, but those checklists only touched the surface of potentially useful minute-by-minute data from hundreds […]

Word of the Week

Link Function

In generalized linear models, a link function maps a nonlinear relationship to a linear one so that a linear model can be fit (and then mapped to the original form).  For example, in logistic regression, we want to find the probability of success:  P(Y = 1).  This cannot be a linear function of any predictors (probabilities are bounded at 0 and 1), but the log of the odds of success, log(odds), can.  After log(odds) is fit to a linear model, then it can be mapped back to probabilities.  Log(odds) is the link function for logistic regression.

Certificate Spotlight

Analytics for Data Science*

This is your ticket into the world of data science and analytics. In this 10-course program, you’ll learn everything from forecasting and data visualization to network analysis, risk simulation, and a deep dive in predictive analytics.

A number of case-study projects are included and you can assemble a portfolio of your work. Intro stats is a prerequisite, but if you need it we’ll provide that course free of charge. We offer rolling admissions year-round – read more here.

See you in class!

*The courses required in this certificate program can contribute towards the Bachelor of Science in Data Science at Thomas Edison State University (see below).

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics (BS DSA) at Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

The program can be completed entirely online using a combination of Thomas Edison State University online courses, exams and other credit-earning options and online courses in data science and analytics provided by

Earning this degree

  • General Education requirements: Earned via TESU online courses, exams and other credit-earning options
  • Electives: Earned via TESU online courses, exams and other credit-earning options
  • Area of Study requirements: 12 courses earned via online courses (transferred via ACE)

Digital Badges

Digital badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you have learned and the skills required to earn your credential. Each badge’s digital image holds verified metadata describing your qualifications and the mastery required to earn them.

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