Dr. Nitin Indurkhya

Nitin Indurkhya first coined the term "Big Data" in a predictive data mining book that he co-authored with Sholom Weiss in 1998.  He isDr. Nitin Indurkhya the founder of AI Data-Miner LLC, which has been engaged in data-mining, text mining, language technologies consulting and education since 1997. The company developed and markets several data-mining and text-mining toolkits, including the Enterprise Data-Miner toolkit (the first data-mining software to gain the 100% pure Java certification). He is an adjunct faculty member at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He was director of Cloud Research Lab at Samsung Research America and had been Principal Research Scientist at eBay in Silicon Valley.  Dr. Indurkhya worked at AT&T Bell Labs. He has been a visiting professor in a variety of universities and research institutions in Australia, Brasil, Bhutan, India, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, the USA, and Vietnam. Besides an interest in language technologies and analytics, he is also a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor and creatively combines many styles of yoga in his group and private classes.


B.Tech Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology

MS Rutgers University

PhD Rutgers University

Areas of Expertise:

Data and Text Analytics

Natural Language Technologies


Author, Emerging Trends in Predictive Text Mining (2015)
Co-author, Fundamentals of Predictive Text Mining, Second Edition (2015)
Co-author, Predictive rule discovery from electronic health records (2010)
Co-author, Handbook of Natural Language Processing, Second Edition (2010)
Co-author, Estimating Sales Opportunity Using Similarity-Based Methods (2008)
Co-author, Text Mining: Predictive Methods For Analyzing Unstructured Information (2005)

Website links:

AI Data-Miner LLC

Anomaly Detection
Deep Learning
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing Using NLTK
Sentiment Analysis
Text Mining using Python

Instructor at Statistics.com since June 2005


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